qxperience is a hybrid consultancy. We create experiences that help your brands reach the people that matter the most to you. We create connections to build strong relationships with your audience through unique, experiential and memorable engagement while embracing the omnichannel.


human to human approach – we believe in genuine, personal, intelligent and empathetic conversations. Real stories that are both inspired and inspiring.

giving a word, keeping a promise – we live by the premise of promise. Understanding people comes with trust, and trust comes with responsibility; result of which is a beautiful, long-term relationship. We value those relationships and strive to enhance them continuously. We give you our word.

experimenting, innovating, discovering – solving modern day business and life challenges requires experiential thinking, fresh approaches, innovative ideas and strategies. We love to explore and discover new worlds in the simplest as well as the most complex environments.

doing things for good – often enough, we love to share our thoughts and ideas with those that are always on the look-out for a larger cause, or simply those who strive to be an active part of any community. We love doing things for the common good and find ways to leave a mark.

living simple, genuine, contentment – we believe in simple living, slow food, genuine conversations, meaningful relationships, scratching beneath the surface and sheer contentment. Translating our lives to what we do is our approach as we strongly believe that people who are content are world’s best brand ambassadors. Many would use the word happiness; they would also be right. Chocolate is happiness. But we would be content to have coffee first.

dream team

Mr. Q

alpha & omega

Mrs. S

sous chef

Mr. E

hammer & nails

Miss S

first impression officer

Mr. M


Mr. P

sneakers collector


It’s all about working together.
People need people, ideas need questions, designs need angles, and skills need compliments.
We love working together with these people.